Number 60 – botched market bag.

For my first project, I decided to start with Pattern number 60, which is a series of single and double crochets and some chain stitches. I wanted to develop this pattern into a simple tote bag. So as not to interfere with anyone’s copyright protection for any of these patterns, I am not going to print the pattern itself. I will mention, however, the modifications that I have made.

I am using tan cotton yarn. I think it was Aunt Lydia’s brand. I am also using a size H hook, which is what the label suggested for this yarn. I had all the data in an app on my phone but when I restored a back up ALL my data was lost! UGH! Anyway…

The base pattern calls for an initial chain of 10 stitches +6. I chained 60 + 6 to get a chain about 12 inches long. After completing the chain and the initial row, there are 8 more rows to crochet (rows 2-9). I repeated rows 2 through 9 five times (5x). I then completed rows 2 through 8 one last time. The result was about 14 inches long. Here is a photo of what will be one side of the bag.


I was going to then crochet several rows of single crochets, which would have been the bottom of the tote bag, but I realized that I would not be able to crochet the pattern backwards so that the pattern matched. So, I decided to fasten off and I started on a second panel. Here is a photo of that second side in progress. I crocheted 5 rows of single crochet for the bottom.


Here is the other panel.


Now to attach the two pieces and add the handles.

With the 2nd panel, after completing the pattern, I crocheted the following:
Ch 1, in the ch-5 loop, sc 4, sc in next sc or dc as appropriate. For last loop, sc 4 in the loop and then sc in the 3rd ch from the 6 ch from the last row.

Connect other panel with ss. Repeat same pattern around the other panel; join panels with ss. Ch 1 then sc in each sc around so that the two panels are connected in a single row of sc. End at ss. Ch 1. Sc in each sc. Repeat row. 113 stitches. (I think I picked up a stitch at some point). Fasten off.

I really did not want to Fasten off, but I found it hard to conceive how I was going to attach the two sides and the bottom continuously. Trust me, I tried and could not do it.

I was all set to attach the two bottom pieces when in noticed that they were not the same width. I added a few sc rows at the bottom of the first panel and increased it until they were even in width – based on the number if stitches. I then single crocheted the two panels together.

I crocheted one of the sides. I matched them as best as I could. Then fastened off and crocheted the other side together. I then turned the whole thing inside out so the seams would be on the inside.

From the top of the side seam, I crocheted a row of sc and a 75-ch handle. For both sides. After I chained a handle I went back and half-sc back along the chain to make it a bit thicker. I thought I was going to run out of thread so I did not want to make it thicker.

Here is the finished project.


To be honest, I really botched it up with the panels being different widths. But, it is done and I am anxious to get started on the next project.


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