Number 12 and Number 1

After that last project, I thought it better if I made things a bit simpler. So I am going to try stitch number 12. This pattern consists of rows of double crochets; however the double crochets are in every other stitch.  It should make an open mesh design – similar in style to fillet crochet. Pattern 1 is just rows of single crotchets.

I am using some blue and white Mill Ends yarn that I bought at AC Moore. It is an acrylic blend. I am not sure which hook would have been correct for this yarn, so I am going to use a US G hook. This type of yarn is usually pretty cheap – especially with a coupon. The trade off is that it usually frays easily.

I started off chaining 64 stitches. The pattern require a multiple of 2. I then jumped right into the pattern. So far so good. Once i have a few more rows completed, I will post the first picture.

Here is the photo of the first panel of 32 rows:


I then added twelve rows sc.

Then I start the pattern again to create the other panel. Not sure why the middle rows of sc were wider. I must have screwed up the gauge. The stitch count is the same per row.

The other panel is the same number of stitches wide and it’s also 32 rows.
Here is what it looks like before I stitched them together.


I attached the first two side from the top down with a sc in every 2ch that started or ended a row. When I reached the rows of sc, I continued to sc in each row. I then fastened off and started on the other side but from the bottom up. This way I finished attaching the other side at the top of the bag. I ended with a slip stitch.

I then turned the bag inside out so the stitches from binding the two siides would be on the inside of the bag. I then sc then entire way around – in each ch and in each dc. There was a total of 120 stitches (two get lost when attaching the sides).

I sc 17 stitches and the 4 more. I then sc back 4 sc. I kept creating a 4-sc wide until it was 24 inches long. I then skipped 18 sc, I attached the strap using slip stitches. I then sc in the next 34 sc. I reappeared the same steps for the other strap and then I fastened off. Here is the final project.

When I first finished this project, after I fastened off I realized that the handles were TOTALLY OFF. So I pulled it all out (just the last paragraph) and redid it so it was better centered.


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