Number 26

This simple pattern is being turned into a scarf to be donated to a local church (Broad Street Ministries) which provides services to the homeless, including providing food and donated clothing. My church (Dignity Philadelphia) donates clothing and volunteers monthly to help serve meals.

I started this pattern by crocheting 36 ch. The pattern called for multiples of 10 plus 6. You then start the first row by crocheting 5 sc followed by 5 dc. You keep alternating this until you reach the end of the row. You then turn and start the next row which starts with ch 3 ( as your first dc) followed by 5 sc. You keep alternating 5dc and 5 sc until the end. The you repeat the pattern of rows. It gives you a slight wave pattern that evens out on the even numbered rows. In theory, a sc on top of a dc should be the same height as dc on a sc.

Here is what the odd numbered edge looks like.


I used a bluish acrylic yarn – I think and an H hook. I do not know the specifics of the yarn because it was a 1 pound bag of “mills end”. I used 1/2 the bag (2 balls of 4) and got a piece that was 45 inches long. So I added another 3 inches and then fastened off.

Here is the final product folded to fit in the photo:


The bag had 1 pound of yarn in it. It was broken down into several balls of differing size. I would estimate that I used about 3 oz. of yarn. Here is a photo of the remainder of the yarn.



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