Number 27

Recently, my sister-in-law, having seen the gift bag I crocheted (number 26), asked me to crochet a potholder for her. I decided to kill two birds with one crochet project resulting in the use of stitch number 27.

This stitch is vary similar to number 26 except this stitch is alternating single and double crochets. I started with this lavender cotton thread by Premier Yarns and a size I hook.


I then crocheted 25 ch. the pattern calls for an odd number of ch to start. Then I sc in the 2nd ch from the hook. This was followed by a dc. I continued alternating sc and dc until I reached the last dc. The I ch 1, turned and started the pattern again. I kept going until I got a square roughly 20 cm on each side. I did not fasten off. I just put a stitch marker to hold the loop and I moved onto the other part of the potholder. Here is the completed side:


Then I started the other piece of the potholder using this multi-colored cotton yarn:


Repeat the same pattern to create a similarly sized square. Like this:


Now I flipped over one of the squares so that the last stitch as indicated by the stitch marker is diagonally across from the other square. I then attached the two panels together with sc along 2 sides with one color and the other two sides with the other. The two sides end up looking like these pics:



As you can see, with one of the colors, when I reached the last edge, ch 10 and the join the chain to the potholder itself and fasten off all remaining ends.


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