Number 2 and Number 77

To follow up with the earlier post, I decided to make another potholder for my sister-in-law. Again I started with Premier Home cotton yarn, but this time the color is passion fruit. I am still using an I hook. The other side is going to be with Premier Home cotton yarn color water lilies. Here are the 2 yarns side by side.


I started with ch 25. Then I turned and dc in each ch skipping the first ch so I had 24 stitches. Then I ch2, skip 1 st and then 2 sc in the next st. Then skip 1 st and 2sc in the next st. Keep up this pattern of 2 sc then skip 1 st all the way across. I had a total of 24 stitches. At the end of the row, turn, ch 2, skip first st and the repeat the 2sc skip 1 st pattern. Repeat until you get a square. This is stitch #2 and here is a photo.


As with the prior project, don’t fasten off yet. Just hold it with a stitch market. Now switch colors and patterns.

For stitch 77, chain 23, turn, then sc in each ch resulting in 22 stitches. Turn, ch 3 (which counts as first dc), dc in first st, *skip 1 stitch and then 2dc in next stitch* repeat from * till end of row. The.n turn, ch 3 and repeat the row until you have a square the same size as the first. For the last row you may have to do a row of sc to make sure the sizes match. Don’t fasten off yet, just hold it with a stitch marker. Here is this panel:


Line up the 2 pieces as the prior pattern (with stitch markers in opposite corners. Attach the two panels together with sc along 2 sides with one color and the other two sides with the other. The two sides end up looking like these pics:



Like the other, I chained 10 and attached the chain to a stitch to make the typical loop.


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