Lapghan of Stitch 198

Some projects just take more time than necessary. Sometimes a project is just poorly planned. Sometimes it’s both. Well I had somewhere between 10 and 12 balls of this bamboo yarn. I forgot how many I had.

It is a very soft yarn with a metallic thread running through it. I started to use pattern 198 which includes alternating rows of fan tails consisting of 9 dc.  To balance things out between rows of the fantail stitches, there were rows which combined ch stitches, sc to connect the row to the top of the fan and dc-ch-dc stitches to connect the row to the space between fantails.

Could not tell you how many stitches I started with. I forgot.  When I was down to my last ball of yarn, I finished off a row so that I had a relatively flat row. I then sc all around with three dc in each corner. For the next row, I did a pattern of sc,hdc,sc to get a tiny ripple all around.

Here is a close up of the finished project:

And here is a close up of the edging.

I need to remember to take better notes or at least finish these projects faster.


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