Stitch 212 – A Prior Project Revisited

Several months ago, a made a gift bag for a co-worker. I wanted to make another gift bag for the 3rd birthday of the daughter of some friends. I used the same basic design as the prior pattern but I used a different stitch for the body of the bag.

I started with Lily Sugar ‘n Cream Fleur De Lavande, a multi-colored cotton yarn which happens to be scented – I did not realize it when I bought it, but I learned as I was smelling lavender while crocheting.

With an H hook, I chained 29 then dc starting in the 4th ch. Dc across until the next to last ch. in last ch, 3dc. Then dc along the bottom of the row to create an oval; sl st to join. Turn.

Ch 3, dc in each st all around. Be sure it is the same number of stitches as prior row. The goal is to create an oval the rises up not out. Join with a sl st.

Ch 3 and repeat prior row.

Now for stitch number 212, ch 4, *skip st, dc, ch1*, repeat from * across to start and join with sl st at start.

Now things get a bit more complex. This row will be a series of dc clusters. To quote the book, ” ch3 (counts as dc), work 2-dc cluster working 1st part of closed dc in first in 1st dc, skip next ch-1 space, work 2nd part of dc cluster in next dc, yo, complete 2-dc cluster, *ch 1, work 2-dc cluster across next 2 dc.” At end, sl st to join. You may want to look at a video explaining how to crochet the    dc cluster. I did.

Repeat the prior two rows until you have the bag as tall as you like. I made this bag about 8 inches tall. Yhen I started on the top and the handles.

I sc in each st around. Sl st to join.

Ch 2 and then hdc for 8 st then ch 45 skip 15 st then hdc for 16 more st, ch 45 skip 15 then hdc to end. Sl st to join.

Ch 1 sc in eac until you get to the 45-ch strap, then hdc along the entire strap then resume sc around to next strap. Hdc along the second strap and then sc to end. Sl st to end and the fasten off.

Here is the final result:


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