A Functional Use for Stitch 499

Have you ever been in a crafts store and you notice a particular yarn or material and think that you want to use it? I have been wanting to make something using 6mm nylon cord for a while. With a large enough coupon, I bought some and decided to make a doormat using stitch 499.

I found that when I was creating my starting chain, the cord kept twisting which can screw up the chain. So I kept pulling it out, untwisting the cord and starting again. It gets tangled like a phone cord. (Could someone please explain to the millennial what a phone cord is?). I was supposed to use a Q hook, but I decided to drop it down 1 size to a P hook so it would be a little tighter.

I chained 58, turned, then sc in the 2nd st from the hook all the way across. Then I checked to see if the mat was too wide for the space where it is going. It was. When I ch 58 and measured it, it was the right width. But when creating a row of stitches, my work was widened, So I pulled it all out. Took out some chains, turned and sc across. The magic number was 48 ch. After creating the row of 47 sc it was wide enough.

So here is the pattern:

Ch 48

Row1: Sc in 2d ch from hook and all across for 47 sc, turn

Row 2: ch 1; sc across whole row (47 sc)

Row 3:  ch 1; sc across whole row (47 sc)

Row 4: this is where it gets harder. Ch 3 (counts as hdc and ch 1); skip 2 st, hdc in next st – take your time since this is the hardest stitch to make in the entire pattern. With 6mm nylon cord, it is not as easy as it would appear- * ch 1, skip st, hdc in next st; repeat from * to the end. You should end with an hdc.

row 5:  ch 1; sc across whole row which means in each hdc and each ch1 space so you against have your row of 47 sc.

Repeat rows 2-5 until you have a mat as long as you like. I ended up using 6 skeins of cord and had a mat that was about 52 inches.

What was nice about this materials was that the ends could be heat fused. If I held the two ends together over an open flame they would start to melt. If I pressed the two melted end together, they would fuse when it hardened.

When I was nearing the end of my 6th skein, I had just finished Row 4 in the pattern. I did not have enough for the 5th row so instead I sl st across. I heat fused the ends to fasten off when it was completed.

Here is a picture of the final product in our foyer.


The light color brightens up a dark area a bit. The callouses from creating this project have healed and there is only about 5 ft of cord left, which really is not much,


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