Bag of many stitches- part 1 (stitch 89)

When I told my mom about this blog and this project, she made a wonderful suggestion (of course most of my mother’s suggestions turn out to be wonderful). She said, instead of creating a project for each stitch, why not make several swatches of different stitches and piece them together into something. So that is what I have been doing periodically. I just didn’t post all of the pieces as they were completed.

I disassembled an earlier project that I did not like its final look. It was a basket made from 6 strands of cotton yarn at the same time. It was a nightmare keeping the strands from getting tangled. It was made from cotton yarn (I forget the brand). I used a few different colors- mostly combinations of beige, red, green and flecks of tan. When I was done unravelling this project I had several small balls of cotton yarn. I decided to reuse this yarn for this project.

I started with a yarn that was mostly beige with a solid chunk of green in it and a bit of redAnd an I hook. I started with stitch 89 which is a fan pattern that went like this:

Ch 21

Row 1: 4dc in 5th ch from hook, * sk 3 ch, 4dc in next ch* repeat from * until you have 4 ch from end. Then skip 3 st and only 3 dc in the last stitch. Turn

Row 2: ch1 then sc in each st across – should have 20 sc in total across.

Row 3: Ch 3 (which is your first dc), skip 1st sc, 2 dc in next sc. *skip 3 sc, 4 dc in next sc*; repeat from * until only 2 sc left. skip next to last sc and dc in last sc. turn.

Row 4: ch1 then sc in each st across – should have 20 sc in total across.

Row 5:: Ch 3 (which is your first dc), skip 3 sc, * 4 dc in next sc; skip 3 sc*; repeat from *; 3 dc in last sc. Turn.

Repeat rows 2 through 5 until you get the desired height. For me that was until I had a total of 14 rows ending with an even numbered row, which would have been a row of sc.

Fasten off.  Here is a picture of the first square for this bag:

  Yes there was a little pop of red in it.

On to the next square…


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