Stitch 87 for a Cause

The Philadelphia Bar Association, of which I am a member, has organized its first uKNITe Knit along. uKNITe is a community service project coordinated by the Bar Association’s Public Interest Section that will share the crafts of knitting and crocheting .  The items crafted (as well as other items donated) will benefit the Philadelphia Partnership for a Resilience and the Mazzoni Center.

The Philadelphia Partnership for a Resilience is a collaboration between the Nationalities Services Center, HIAS Pennsylvania, and BuildaBridge international to provide culturally competent and extensive services to survivors of torture and their families by helping address their legal, social, and medical needs.  The Mazzoni Center provides comprehensive health and wellness services (medical and legal) primarily for the LGBT community.

The invitation to join this event became the perfect reason to start a quick project using some leftover yarn I had. So armed with an I hook (not the one I recently broke), some gold Red Heart Super Saver Yarn, and pattern no. 87, I was off to make a new scarf to be donated.

Here are shots of the yarn.


red heartgold


Started by ch 25

Row 1:  ch1, sc in each st (25 st)

Row 2: ch3 (counts as dc) skip 1st sc, dc in each sc across row. Turn

Row 3: ch3 (counts as dc) skip 1st dc, dc in each dc across row with final dc  in the prior row ch3.Turn

Row 4: ch3 (counts as dc) skip 1st dc, *skip dc, (dc, ch1, dc) in next dc, skip dc, dc in next dc; repeat from * ending with dc in 3d ch of turning ch. turn.

Row 5: ch3 (counts as dc) dc in 1st dc, dc in the ch 1 space, *skip dc, (dc, ch1, dc) in next dc, dc in next ch1 space; repeat from *, when you get to last ch1 space, cd in the ch1 space, skip dc then 2dc in the 3d ch of the turning ch. turn.

Row 6: ch3 (counts as dc), skip 1st dc, dc in each dc and in each ch 1 space, all the way across including in the 3d ch of the turning ch. turn. You should have 25 dc across.

Repeat rows 3 through 6 for the pattern until you get the desired length. I stopped when the scarf was 62 inches long. Try to end with row 3.

Next row: ch1, sc in each dc across. 25 sc. Fasten off.

Here is a close up of the pattern on the scarf.

Now to make the fringe. I thought I wanted to put three strands of fringe in each sc. So I wound the yarn around a thin CD jewel case 75 times (3×25) and then put a rubber and around it to keep the yarn in place.

Cut across one end of the CD to make 75 strands of about the same length.  I realized that 3 strands per sc would be too think for my hook, so I reduced it to 2 stands per sc. Don’t worry I need a total of 100 strands (25x2x2) so I did not cu extra.

Take 2 strands. Put the hook through one of the sc at the end of the scarf. Loop the strands on the hook (make sure the strands are equal), pull the loop of yarn part way through the sc. Then grab the remaining strands through the loop and pull it tight. This makes a knot of the fringe at the spot of the sc. Repeat across that end. You will need to cut another 25 strands to finish the other side.  make sure all of the fringe knots are tight.

Here is the final project.


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