Thank you bag- pattern 84

A sweet woman from my church, Dignity Philadelphia, cans fruits and vegetables, makes jam, etc. She is truly a master gardener. She has given me various jams  in the past, which I appreciate. Recently, as a thank you, before her major canning season started, I gave her one of my market bags   She in turn thanked me with various jarred items including plum jam and homemade ketchup. To thank her for her generosity and so that I am not just retuning empty jars to her, I decided to make little gifts bags for each empty jar. This way she will have something to “wrap” her jars in when she gives other jars away to people.

So, I started with some Premier Home cotton yarn – color lavender. I then made a base square using a pattern for making a cube.

Here is the yarn:

For the first 5 rounds, the stitches are crocheted in the back loop.

Round 1: ch 2, 4 sc in second ch from hook.

Round 2: 3 sc in each sc around- 12 sc.

Round 3: sc in next sc, (3 sc in next sc, sc in next 2 sc) 3x, 3 sc in next sc, sc in next sc- 20 sc

Round 4: sc in next 2 sc, (3 sc in next sc, sc in next 4 sc) 3x, 3 sc in next sc, sc in next 2 sc- 28 sc

Round 5: sc in next 3 sc, (3 sc in next sc, sc in next 6 sc) 3x, 3 sc in next sc, sc in next 3 sc- 36 sc.

Round 6: ch 1, sc in each st (both loops) 36 sc.

Round 7: dc in each sc- Sl st to join. 36 dc.

Round 8: ch 6, (serves as dc + ch3) skip 2 st, *sc in next st, ch 3, dc in next st, ch 3, skip 2 st, repeat from * until you are 4 st from the start. Sc where you normally would, ch 2 then Sl st to join to 3d ch in starting ch 6.

Round 9: ch 1, sc in next ch, *ch 2 (dc ch-1, dc) in next sc, ch-2, sc in next dc. Repeat from * around ending with sc in first sc.

Round 10:  ch 6, (serves as dc + ch3), *sc in ch1 space b/w 2dc, ch 3, dc in next sc, ch 3, repeat from * , you will get to ch3 and in lieu of dc to the the row sc the ch3 into the 3rd ch of the starting ch6.

Round 11-14: Repeat rows 9 and 10 twice. For a taller bag, pattern can be repeated but be sure to end with round 10.

Round 15: ch1, sc around by putting 2 sc in each ch3 space and 1 sc in each sc or dc. 36 sc. Don’t join.

Round 16: Sc in each of next  9 sc. Ch 25. Sk 9 st, sc in next 9 sc. Ch 25, sk 9 st. Sc in first sc.

round 17: sc in each sc sound to ch 25, hdc in each ch of ch 25, sc around to other ch 25, hdc in each ch, sc to start. Fasten off.

Weave in ends.

Here is the bottom of the completed bag.

And here is the finished project (holding a jar of her plum jam)

 I hope to make a few more with slightly different patterns and other yarns.


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