Bobble scarf – stitch 312

Using the other hank of yarn that I bought at Loop– another acrylic/wool blend from Berroco Vintage (this time the color is called pool party), I thought I would make a scarf. It has been a while since I made one. No photos of the yarn were taken because I used it up making the scarf before I could take the picture.

The final product turned out to be only 40 inches – so maybe it will be used by a child. I will donate it to the uKNITE project.

This pattern requires a bobble stitch. I think what I posted previously as a bobble stitch was either just a different stitch or I screwed it up. Anyway, this is how the bobble is done for this pattern:

(Yo, insert hook in stitch, yo, draw yarn through the stitch, pull up the yarn to be as high as the stitch) do this 5 times, yo, draw yarn through all the loops.

This pattern consists of an 8 row repetition – I repeated it almost 11 full times before I ran out of yarn. I used a g hook.

Ch 27

Row 1: DC in 4th ch from hook, DC in next 2 st, *ch1, skip 1, dc in next 7 st, repeat from *, you are going to end with only 4 dc and not the full 7 at the end. Turn

Row 2: ch 3 (counts as dc), skip 1st dc, *dc in each dc until you get to ch1 space, bobble stitch in ch 1 space, repeat from *, be sure to include dc in the 3d ch that started the prior row. Turn

Row 3: ch 3 (counts as dc), skip 1st dc, dc in each st until you get to end. Be sure to include all st and the bobble stitch. My pattern consisted of 25 stitches or spaces for stitches. So, if you are following me exactly you should have 25 dc in the row including the initial ch3. Turn

Row 4: same as Row 3.

Row 5: this is like row 1 but offset. So, ch3 (that’s the 1st dc) skip next dc, *dc in next 7 dc, ch1, skip 1, repeat across and end with dc in the prior turn ch.

Row 6: this is like row 2. Ch 3 (that’s your first dc of the row) skip next dc, *dc in each st across to the ch 1 space, bobble stitch in the ch1 space, repeat from * until end, doc in the prior row turn ch. turn.

Row 7: repeat row 3 with dc’s across – don’t forget the dc I the turning ch. Turn.

Row 8: repeat row 4. Turn

Row 9: this is a slight variation of row 1. Ch3 (that’s the first dc) skip next dc, DC in next 3 dc, *ch1, skip 1, dc in next 7 dc, repeat from *, you are going to end with only 4 dc and not the full 7 at the end including the DC in the turning ch. Turn

Repeat rows 2-9 for as long as you have yarn or until you think it is long enough. I ended on row 3. My final row was as follows:

Last row: ch 1, sc in each dc across including the turning ch. 25 sc. fasten off.

Here is the scarf folded over and a close up.

Didn’t have enough yarn to make it longer nor to add any finishing touches. Oh well.

The color is more turquoise than gray. Just a bad photo.


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