A Hat for Charity

I decided to use some of the “scarp” yarn that I have to make a ladies’ hat, which will be donated to the uKNITe program of the Philadelphia Bar Association.  I use the term “scrap” because for each of the two colors used, I had less than a full skein of yarn.  The two yarns that I used were an acrylic purple yarn and this multi-colored Lion Brand Homespun Yarn called Ambrosia (Color No 418) which looks like this.

Not the easiest yarn to use. Someone I know must have picked it out previously for me to make a scarf or something.

The pattern for the hat came from this link.The only change I made to the pattern, was that for the Ambrosia yarn, which was my color B, the yarn was thicker so I switched from a H hook which I used with the primary purple yarn (CA) and then changed to a J hook for the Ambrosia (CB).Here is the final result.


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