Blue Granny Square Throw

Sorry, not another “500 stitches” project, but just something for the uKNITe project of the Philadelphia Bar Association. I saw a pattern for a quick 2-day afghan. I could not find the right yarn at AC Moore, so I bought a different, also super bulky yarn.

I bought 4 skeins of Stitch Studio by Nicole brand yarn, called Belle (it was on sale). the color was Carolina Sky (#SS3001-12) each skein was 300g , about 263 yards.

When I tried to make the pattern, I did not like how it was coming out. So I pulled it all out. I then looked up other patterns using super bulky yarn and I stumbled across this great website which let me look up patterns by yarn type, stitch, yardage, etc. Through that site, I found this pattern which is just a really large granny square. I have done a some granny squares before. What made this one different from what I remembered was that, when starting the next row, you didn’t sl st to a certain point. Instead, you flipped the afghan over and went in the other direction (as one would with a scarf).

After 1 skein,. I had about 12 3/4 rows completed and it was a 26″ square.

After the 2nd skein, I had 18 1/2 rows and it was about 36″ square.

Following the 3rd skein, it was 22 3/4 completed rows and it was 42 x 45″ – not sure when or how it became more rectangular. I suspect it was from the weight of the yarn while I was crocheting it.

When I got to 26 completed rows (about 48 x 50″), I stopped. I knew I did not have enough yarn left for another full row. I tried to finish it off with a crab stitch (reverse sc), but I did not have enough yarn for that either. So I pulled it out and fastened off and weaved in the ends.

Here is the final project.

That was a close up of the pattern. Here it is thrown over the couch.


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