Holiday Gift for My Sister

My sister asked me to crochet a table runner for her in this pattern: Peppermint Afghan.  I even watched a video to see how to do it. That was WAY too complicated for my skill set. So Instead I made her this pattern: Holly Table Runner.I had to make a few adjustments. She needed it smaller so instead of crocheting 214 ch to start, I ch only 144.  Also instead of crocheting the pattern 6 times, I only did it 4 to make it more narrow. Also, I had to change some of the colors. I used Red Heart  Aran-Gold (No. 1360) which is what the pattern suggested. I only needed 1 skein instead of 2.  I replaced the Wine/Gold with Red-Silver (No. 9040). I replaced the Hunter-Gold with Green-Silver (No. 6040). I also skipped the gold beads.

The toughest part was attaching the holly leaves to the runner. The leaves were slightly different and I could not get them to look identical on both sides. I like to think it is a more natural look.

Here are 2 photos of the final project: One is a shot of the entire piece. The other is a close up. It measured 42 inches long.



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