Big Blue Star Throw

During our annual Academy Awards party, we hold a competition to see who gets the most winners correct. We usually present prizes for the top 3 finishers,  Over the past several years, we have also presented an award to the person who guesses the list correct number of winners. No one has ever guessed every category incorrectly, though the first time we offered the last place prize, the “winner” only had 1 answer correct. Since we started awarding the last place prize, it has always been something that I crocheted.

For this year’s party, I decided to make a start-shaped throw using this pattern by The Crochet Crowd. It was really easy to make and it could have stopped at any time – or rather, I could have just kept going with this pattern.  Instead I stopped when I ran out of yarn. I limited myself to a single 1 pound skein (927 meters) of Stitch Studio by Nicole brand “Pound of Stitches” acrylic yarn (color bright blue). I used a j hook although the yarn calls for an h hook. I wanted to make something a bit bigger.

I did make a few minor adjustments. For example, for the first row, I started with a magic circle containing 10 dc. Then I created the second row with 2dc in each st for a total of 20 st. Then I followed the rest of the pattern.

I continued to follow the pattern until there were 48 dc on each side excluding the 3dc ch3 3dc at each point (if you review the pattern, you will understand.) After I joined the final stitch, with sl st, I then sc into each stitch. When I reached the ch-3 space, 1 crocheted 3 sc. When I reached the spots where I would skip 2 st to start the next point on the star, I still sc in each stitch.

The final throw measured about 62 inches from tip to tip.

Here are some photos of the throw.


 It was hard to get the full throw in a single picture.

It will be presented to the person who gets the least correct in our Oscar ballot on February 28th.



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