Baby Blanket

With the pending birth of my husband’s first grandchild (technically my step-grandson), i decided to make a baby blanket. We decided that the colors of the blanket would be the school colors for  the parents’ undergraduate degrees: Phil’s daughter when to George Washington University (blue and buff) while his son-in-law went to Michigan State (green and white).

Phil wanted a washable natural yarn for this blanket. So, at Yarnphoria,  at the suggestion of the very helpful person there, I bought extra-fine merino wool. The 4 colors purchased were Karabella Yarns Aurora 8 color 1145 (green), Filatura Di Crosa Zara yarn color 1401 (white), Filatura Di Crosa Zara yarn color 1424 (blue), and Filatura Di Crosa Zara Melange yarn color 1451 (beige – for the buff). This wool uses a g-hook.

After several aborted attempts, I settled on this wave pattern from Mama’s Stitchery Projects.  I did this as 4 color blocks to minimize switching yarns.  I started with the green (color a), the switched to white (color b), then the buff (color c) and finally the blue (color d).

Here are the 4 colors

I chained 163 (multiples of 20 +3) to make the small blanket.

After making 10 rows, I would switch colors.

Again the pattern was  a b a b c d c d.

After doing a few rows I decided to leave a bit of a tail when I fastened off each color so I woul have enough extra yarn to sc along the edge. In hindsight, if I made each stripe an odd number of rows, I could have left yarn at the start of each color and then at the end so I could have done the sc edging without joining yarn.

I started with 5 balls of each color and finished with 1 ball of green (it had less yardage per ball), 2 balls of white, almost 2 balls of buff, and 2 balls of blue left.

Here is the final product (2 photos – I know it’s hard to distinguish the green from the blue in these photos).


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