A Thank you gift – Another bag (of course)

As you may have surmised, I enjoy working with cotton yarn and making different types of bags (mostly tote bags and gift bags).  A few months ago, a friend gave me some “no longer wanted” yarn from a friend of hers. I promptly shared some of that yarn with 2 of my friends. As a thank you gift for the yarn giver, I made this tote bag using a pattern I found in a free e-book of patterns that I downloaded from AllFreeCrochet. Here is a link to the pattern on the website. The pattern was originally from Kathy Lashley’s blog, ELK Studio. I used an h-hook and 3 different yarns that I already had in my collection.

Each of the three yarns that I used were obtained from AC Moore (of course). Each was in a 1 pound “Mills End’ package. Color A was the solid turquoise cotton yarn of which there  6 balls in the bag – a bit more than 2 were used. Color B was the variegated cotton yarn which had more blues and purples in it; this one had 5 balls of yarn in the 1 pound bag of which I used 3/4 of 1 ball. The final color (color C) was also variegated cotton yarn, but it was in more pastel colors in it and had some lighter colors in it. There were 9 balls of yearn in that 1 pound bag of varying sizes. I used up one of them.

Here are the 3 colors in order (A, B, C).

I followed the pattern with some minor changes:

1 – I try to start with a magic circle with 5 sc in it instead of the ch4 ring. I do not want a small hole in the bottom of the bag.

2 – Instead of crocheting 18 rows of A before changing to B, I only did 17. This is because a neared the end of the ball of yarn at that row and I did not want to start a new ball of yarn (with more ends to weave in) for only 1 row.

3- When I reached the last 5 rows (which make up the handle), the color scheme on the pattern is A A B B B. Instead of that I did A C C A A. I obviously did not opt for  inside the handle.

Here is the final product.



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