Puzzle Ball

Prior to the birth of my grandson, I saw a book which contained amigurumi animal puzzle balls, I admit I was intrigued, but they seemed a bit beyond my ability. I decided to start with something easier to make for my grandson. So, I decided to make an Amish Puzzle Ball using this pattern. There were also some videos that I looked at that show how to make a puzzle ball.

I had previously bought some small balls of acrylic yarn at AC Moore: Studio Samples by Nicole. probably for $1 each. I used three different colors: one of solid blue, one of a combination of red ], dark blue, and light blue, and one of blues and purple.  This project used a g hook , which is probably 1 size smaller than one should use with this yarn.

Not a lot of yarn is used for this project. Each ball as about 68 yards and the components can be made fairly quickly. Putting them together can be a challenge.

Anyway, here is the pattern: http://www.lookatwhatimade.net/crafts/yarn/crochet/free-crochet-patterns/crochet-amish-puzzle-ball/

Here are photos of the individual rings that comprise the ball and then the final work all together.


I will give this to my grandson when I see him next. I may work on some others like is in different  color combinations.



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