An Airplane for my Grandson

So, I guess I have got some “baby fever” and I can’t help but make more things for my grandson. Since the nursery is decorated with an airplane theme, I decide to make an amigurumi airplane. I found a free pattern through Pinterest. I decided to use cotton yarn to make it more durable. I let my husband pick the colors from the stock of various cotton yarns in my possession. He selected a blue and white that were each in “Mills End” 1 pound bags purchased who knows how long ago from AC Moore. I used a dark blue in place of the turquoise in the pattern and white for the gray.

The first obstacle I ran into was the fact that the instructions for this very cute plane were in Dutch and I can’t read Dutch. So, Google Translate to the rescue – sort of. Not everything translated into crochet terms. Looking at the structure of the pattern and what I thought the number of stitches to be at the end of each step, I made an educated guess.

I started the project doing the body of the plane first, but then realized, after I closed the body, that I might have a problem attaching the propeller. So I scrapped the body and decided to start all over again. This time, I would make the propeller, wings, and the parts of the tail first, then I would make the body and attach everything when I was finished.

The second obstacle I ran into was the top part of the tail.   i could not quite understand the translation. But, I looked at the photo and decided that it looked like wedges I made for the Amish Puzzle Ball. So I made the top part of the tail from a wedge that was only 18 st across that I folded in half. I then stitched along the curve to close the semi-circle. I fastened off and left a long tail so I can later sew the open edge to the body of the airplane.

When I was making the wings, for some reason, they were getting too wide. So, I added a sl st at the end of each round. I also added 2 more rows to the wings so they would be a little longer (22 rows instead of 20). To make the decoration on the wings, after I fastened off and left a long tail, I made a magic circle in the color of the wing of 5 sc, then 2 sc in each st (10 sc), I then joined the other color and (sc in st, 2sc in next st) all around (15 sc). Fasten off and leave a long enough tail to attach the circle to the wing (before attaching it to the body of the plane).

When I made the body again, I started with white (for the nose) and then switched to blue. After 1 row in blue, I put a single 9mm black eye through the propeller and then through the center of the nose. I added the back to that it would stay in place.  It does not spin, but it does stay in place.

Also I read in the pattern that the wings get attached at row 13, so I put stitch markers in2 on opposite sides of the body.  I also decided to stuff the body with a cut up dark blue shirt and scraps from a cut up white shirt (in the nose). I also used some scraps, not much, in white to fill in the wings so that they did not just flop down.

It turns out that my wings were different sizes and they were not lined up to the same row. Oh well. Better luck next time (if there is a next time for this project).

Here are some shots of the final project.





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