Another Gift for my grandson

During 2015, I had a daily calendar that contained a large amount of crochet patterns. Over the course of several dates, the calendar provided the instructions to prepare this very cute cardigan sweater for a baby/toddler. I am not a huge fan of making sweaters and similar items that have to be sized because I am awful at maintaining gauge. Anyway, I thought I would give this a try for my grandson.We decided to make it in the 3 month old size so that he could possible wear it this winter.

In addition to having the pattern from the calendar, I also found the same pattern for free from Joann’s website as a free pdf.

So, I gave the pattern a shot. For the 3 month old size, the proportions were not exactly right and it used more than 1 skein of the suggested yarn (which I was able to find in the same brand and color at AC Moore). I could not find the right sized button, so I bought one that looked a bit different. The repeated stitches that make up the base of the sweater are really simple – alternating sc and dc. The front and the shawl collar are made of hdc’s but the stitch placement is slightly below where one would normally make the stitch.

In any event for better or worse, here is the final product.


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