Blue (and Pink) P*ssy Power

A friend recently asked me, through Facebook, if I would make her some hats for the Pussyhat Project and the Women’s March on Washington.  I presume she and her wife and some friends are going to do it.  I looked over the websites, thought it was a worthy cause.  She asked for 2 blue hats and 2 pink hats. I made no promises, but I would try.

Using the Belle yarn I used for this blanket (Mint to Be – color ss3002-07) and an N hook, I followed this pattern  from Loopy Mango and created one hat. It took a while for me to get it right without the chain twisting too much, I also made it a bit wider. The pattern calls for 32 stitches to start; I started with 42. When this square hat is placed snugly on one’s head, the two corners look like cat’s ears.

Here is the final project:



The hat was placed on 2 baseball caps for the photo so you could see how it should look on a person’s head.

Here is the same pattern in Baby Pink (color ss3001-10)


I ended up crocheting 3 pink and 2 blue hats to be given to 2 friends (and their friends).


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