First attempt at Tapestry Crocheting

In the past, I have seen some things online about tapestry crochet. I thought I would give it a shot to make a small coaster for a friend who was leaving her place of employment (somewhere I used to work as well).

To learn how to do it, I looked at some of the videos by All Tapestry Crochet. With the help of my husband, I picked out 2 contrasting cotton yarns from my stash.  Here are the ones I used:

FullSizeRender 29

Both are from Premier Yarns from their Premier Home cotton yarns collection,  The color of the background of the coaster is Rainbow (color 44-03) and the secondary color is navy blue (color 38-19).  These yarns required the use of my handy i hook.

I drew out the design I wanted (a square with a somewhat stylized M for my friend’s first initial). Then started crocheting, I have not been able to master the modified single crochet stitch that would have made this project look better, But, I gave it a shot anyway and here it is…


As you can seem when I was completed, I put a single crochet border around it.



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