A Shawl for Shelly

My husband’s cousin wanted me to crochet a light-weight scarf for her. It could not be too heavy since she lives in Florida. She wanted something airy and lacy,  Since I thought a scarf would have very limited use, I decided to make her more or a wrap or shawl.

AC moore had a new yarn called Paint Brush which had some interesting colors blended on the yarn – it was as if watercolor paint had soaked into the yarn in different shades of color. I selected, with her approval, a primarily blue palette. The color scheme was called “Poplars” (color number SS3017-09)  Here is a photo of the skein of yarn:


It is a many-strand acrylic yarn that is lightweight, but is considered “bulky yarn” for hook size. 1 skein weighed 3.5 oz and was 161 yards. The yarn needed a J hook.

The design that I selected was appropriately called “Enjoy Life” – If you know Shelly you would know that it was a very appropriate title. The shawl is made in 2 parts. You start crocheting from your starting chain and when you finish that half, you start from the opposite end of your starting chain.

To get to pattern, I used this great website that lets you put in the criteria for a pattern (hook size, yard weight, yarn yardage, etc.) and it locates possible patterns.

So here is the link for the pattern that I used: Enjoy Life. I followed it as best as I could,  After doing the first 28 rows, before starting the bottom half, I added 1 more row as a bit of edging. Here is what I did: hdc in first st, *hdc in each of next 2 tc, sc in ch1 space, hdc in next 2 tc, hdc in the tc that separated 2 fans, repeat from *

After I completed the bottom half, I did the same thing. Then I wove in the ends.

Here is a partial shot of the final product:



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