A (Relatively) Quick Lapghan

My husband asked if I could make a quick afghan for someone with whom her works. Since I also knew this person, I accepted the challenge. Of course when a crocheter thinks of quick blankets, the first thing that comes to mind is “bulky yarn”.

I first bought the yarn. I bought 5 skeins of Stitch Studio by Nicole Heartfelt Heritage in the color Midnight Blue (color number CN2033-5184-D) and 4 skeins of Heather Blue (CN2033-5184-C). They were on sale at the time for 4 for $10. I thought I was buying 8 but I picked up a total of nine.

Using this wonderful site, I found this appropriate pattern.  I do see see the humor in getting yarn from AC Moore and a pattern from JoAnn’s Fabric and Craft store. While the pattern and the yarn call for a size N 9 mm hook, my size M hook says it’s 9 mm – so I use that instead. This one is an inexpensive plastic hook that I had. I could not tell you the name.

I followed the instructions, but made on minor deviation. Instead of changing colors every 2 rows, I change every 5 rows. You may ask why I picked 5 rows – that was easy. When I started the first color (Midnight Blue), I completed 5 full rows before I did not have enough yarn in that skein to complete a row. I hate weaving in ends. I thought this would minimize the number of times I had to weave in end, Although, I do end up with more scrap yarn this way.

In any event, I stopped after using all 9 skeins. I alternated colors Midnight Blue, Heather Blue, Midnight Blue, Heather Blue, etc ending with Midnight Blue.

Here is a photo of the finished project which measured 34″ by 43″.



P.S. The person who received this LOVED IT!




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