My Mother’s Request

I don’t think my mother has ever asked me specifically to make some thing for her. When she did not long ago, how could I say no. She asked me to make panhandlers from this site for her. I looked over my vast collection of cotton yarns. I made her six different panhandlers. I used the following color yarns:

Some blue and white variegated yarn – (I don’t recall the brand or the color)

Premier Home color Passionfruit (no. 38-17)

Lily Sugar ‘n Cream color Fleur De Lavande (no. 24093)

Premier Home color Woodland (no. 44-33)

Lily Sugar ‘n Cream color Jewels (no. 00201)

Premier Home color Rainbow (no. 44-03)

I used my 4.0 mm bamboo hook. (G hook)

Here is the set that I made:

The last one (in Rainbow) was accidentally made with a larger hook. Some are longer than others for no real reason. They were pretty easy to make.


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