My sister saw this cute design and asked me to make something for her using it. She thought a scarf, but I thought that the design was too open for a scarf. So she asked for a runner instead.  My sister wanted it in the same colors as the video. I thought I had gray cotton yarn, but I didn’t (Actually I did, but it was a mix of gray and white). Instead I used a denim color. Here is the list of yarns that I used:

(for the gray) Lily Sugar ‘n Cream Denim color Blue Jeans (01116)

(for the brown) Lily Sugar ‘n Cream color Jute  (00082)

(for the white) Lily Sugar ‘n Cream color White (27001)

(for the pink) Bernat Handicrafter cotton color French Rose (14)

I would recommend getting two 2.5 oz balls of each color. Yo will have left over yarn.

I used an H hook (5 mm) from Athena’s Elements

If you watch the video for the instructions for this pattern, you are told to crochet a chain  that is a multiple of 6 +3. The written instructions, when I prepared this posting, said to crochet a chain that is only a multiple of 6. That is an error. It should be a multiple of 6 +3. I started with a chain of 45 st. I started the next row with ch 1 and sc in the first stitch to end up with 45 sc across.

Also, whenever the directions called to start with ch 3 (for a dc), I would ch 2 and dc in that first st. I would also 2dctog at the end of a row instead of a dc.

Also – VERY IMPORTANT – unless you are only making something that is only 15 stitches wide, I would disregard the video when it comes to Row 6, which is the row in Blue Jeans /gray following the row in white. The written instructions also for that row did not lend itself for me to end up with 45 stitches upon completing the row. Here is what I did instead:

Ch 1, sc in first st, 3 sc in the ch 3 space, *sc in the 5dctog, 5 sc in the ch 5 space, repeat from *, ch 3 in the final ch 3 sp, sc in the last st (for me this was 2dctog).

Then I did row 7 as required (a series of dc’s across)

I repeated this pattern until I got the right length for the runner. My sister has a 60 inch table so, at the suggestion of my mother, I made it about 64 inches. I made a total of 29 rows of cupcakes.

There is another change that I made to the pattern when I completed this project. For the final repeat of the pattern, instead of ending with a row of dc’s (row 7), I finished it off with a row of hdc so that the end would be similar to the starting row of the runner.

Here is a portion of the final project.  Please remember there are a LOT of ends to weave in with this project.


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