Baby Blanket number #2

My husband asked me to make a baby blanket for a coworker. After I started that one, he asked me to make another blanket for another co-worker and then a third. Okay, not a problem, I planned on finishing them in the order in which they were requested. But, he actually needed the third one first, and then the first and second. Of course, other responsibilities got in the way: work, the holidays, other crocheting projects that needed to be completed sooner – you know, the usual.  Anyway, I was finally able to finish this blanket ahead of schedule – he needs it for the end of January,

I had never crocheted a ‘corner-to-corner’ blanket so I thought I would give it a try. The expecting mother told my husband that one of the colors of the blanket should be a light yellow. The other contrasting color would be my choice. Well, I already had a 1 pound (Pound of Stitches) skein of Stitch Studio by Nicole brand yarn in the color of Bright Blue (number 2759), which really is not very bright. So I bought the same brand of yarn (in the same amount) in Banana Cream (number 2756).  These yarns require an H hook.

The pattern I followed came from the Heart Hook Home website. For the directions, click here). This pattern varies from the usual C2C pattern because the squares are a bit smaller.  I started with the blue yarn (color A) and after completing 7 rows I switched over to the yellow yarn (color B). I ended up with 7 stripes in blue and 7 in yellow.

I wanted to add a border to the blanket. I found one that I thought would look good on the blanket in Donna Kooler’s Encyclopedia of Crochet.  This border is called the Double Chain Edge.  Here is how I did it starting with color B (since that was the color of the last stripe):

Sc, ch 5, drop hook from loop and switch to color A, sc in stitch next to Color B, ch 5, switch back to Color B, skip 1 stitch, repeat from beginning. I did this all around the blanket. Once you get back to the starting point, you want to make sure that you attach the ch 5 of each color to the first stitch in that color at the beginning. Fasten off each color and weave in all ends. When you do this border, there is a lot of switching back and forth between colors and, if you are not careful (like me), the two yarns can get very intertwined and twisted.

The final product was about a 36 inch square (give or take a bit). I only used about 10 ounces of each color including the border. Here are some photos of the finished project. First the whole blanket, then a close up of the stripes and finally a close up of the border,




Now to get back to that first blanket!



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