Busting Scraps and Stopping Drafts!

IMG_0675While the winter chill was still upon us, I decided to make a draft stopper using the scraps of cotton yarn that I had. So, be warned, the final product is probably going to be very odd looking.

The pattern that I followed comes from Lion Brand – you need a free Lion Brand account to access the free pattern. I did make a few adjustments:

– The various cotton yarns that I used probably require either a G, H or I hook. For consistency in the stitch size and to make sure the stitches are as as tight as possible, I used a Takumi bamboo G (4.0 mm) hook no matter what the yarn required.

– I did not make “stripes” a particular length. I just kept going until I ran out of a particular color and then I added the next as I went along.

– I make mine about 36 inches long.

– I started with a magic circle in which I added 6 sc – to make sure the opening hole is as tightly closed as possible.

–  I stuffed it with old t-shirts that I cut into pieces. Granted, I should have started stuffing it sooner than I did I waited until it was almost completely finished before stuffing. That meant I needed to push pieces of cloth almost the entire length of the project.

I trued to identify all of the yarns that I used for this project:

A – The multicolored yarn (purple, blue, orange and white) from this project, which was probably part of a “mills end” package that I bought at AC Moore.

B – The Premier Home Cotton yarn in the color Lavender (no. 38-10) also used in that same project.

C – A small amount of Lily Sugar ‘n Cream Denim color Blue Jeans (01116) used in this project.

D. Lily Sugar ‘n Cream Fleur De Lavande, which was from this project (and at least one other one that was done before I set up this blog.)

E – Bernat Handicrafter cotton yarn in the color French Rose from this project.

F: a pink and white cotton yarn that I previously used for some project (probably pre-blog)

G: Another variegated yarn with red, pink, and some beige/tan in it (also pre-blog)

H: Lily Sugar ‘n Cream color Jute  (00082) from this recent project.

I: Beige and green cotton yarn

J: Sugar ‘n Cream Sage Green cotton yarn (No. 00084) from this project.

K: Premier Home yarn called Woodland (color 44-33) from this project, among others.

L: Lily Sugar ‘n Cream Denim color Blue Jeans (01116) – I know I used it already, but I found a little more.

M: Premier Home yarn called Rainbow (color 44-03)

N: Some unidentified white cotton yarn

The instructions leave you with having to close up the last row of 6 sc.  Here is a easy video on closing an amigurumi (which is what this design basically is).

Here is a photo of the final project.









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