Puzzleball variation

I decided to make a flower ball for the child who was the recipient of this blanket. I design is is similar to the puzzle ball I made previously for my grandson.  The pattern for the flower puzzle ball can be found here.

First, I made the 12 flowers.  The flowers are from this pattern. For the center of each flower, I used the same yellow yarn from this blanket which is the Pound of Stitches yarn by Stitch Studio by Nicole in the color of Banana Cream (number 2756). The yarn that I used for the rest of the pattern required a J hook (6 mm), but i decided to use an I hook (5.5mm) so that the stitches would be a bit tighter. I used the same hook for the yellow yarn, although the yarn originally called for a H hook. The petals of the flowers are going to be in Lion Brand DIYarn in the colors of Navy (No. 110), Red (No. 113), and Stitch Studio Basic in the color Eggplant (No. 2259) from this pattern.

Here are the flowers that I made:


In that light, it was hard to distinguish the blue (back row) from the purple (front row). I used about 17g of yarn for the petals in each color (red, blue, and purple). I am not sure how much yellow I used, but it was not much. You could make the centers of each flower different colors if you preferred.

The next step was to make the 12 wedges in DIYarn green (no 130). I used almost all of the 3 balls of yarn I had (30g of each). Here is a photo of the green wedges.


The next step was the attachment of the flowers to the wedges. For this, I used DIYarn again in the color white (no. 100).

Here are the 3 rings completed and the final project.



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