A “Thank You” Gift

Wew just got back from spending the weekend with my husband’s daughter, son-in-law, and grandchild. When we see them, we usually have something for the grandchild. With this trip, I wanted to make something for them for hosting us for the weekend.

I decided to make a trivet. I wanted to use the popcorn stitch as part of the design so that it would have some dimension to it – and not just look like a flat piece of crocheted yarn. After pouring over patterns and after several aborted attempts at projects, I settled on this one (which is available if you have a free membership with free-crochet.com, which I do).  I used my bamboo H (5.0 mm) hook and Premier Home cotton yarn in the color grey splash (No. 44-20). The only modification that I made to the pattern is I started with a magic circle of 12 dc.

With slightly less than 1 60 gram ball of yarn, I made 5 of the “medallions”. So, I used a second ball to make the last 2 medallions. The remaining yarn from the first ball and the tails from each medallion should be enough to attach the 7 completed pieces together.

I was able to make it and put it together fairly easily. Here are some shots of the final project with a close up of one of the medallions.



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