Now for something a bit different

I have WAY TOO MANY t-shirts. While I love the idea of turning a bunch of them into a quilt or blanket, the thought of paying $70 to do so discourages me. I came across this great tools – the sharp crochet hook. This hook has a slightly sharpened point so that it would go through the material as I crocheted. Before I started cutting up shirts, getting batting, and learning how to turn a bunch of shirts into a blanket, I wanted to try something smaller. Did you know that medium sized t-shirts is about the same size as a standard size pillow? That’s right, I decided to turn a t-shirt into a pillow case. See how well it fits before I do any crocheting…




The thought was to use the sharp crochet hook to make a “starting chain” around the collar of the shirt. Then I would crochet a swatch that is about 5 inches by 8 inches. Then I would attach the swatch to the neck of the shirt to cover the hole. I have not yet decided what I am going to do with the arm holes.

Because I wanted to attach the swatch below the collar, I used the procedure mentioned in this blog post to surface slip stitch to create the chain to which the swatch would be attached. With the sharp crochet hook, one needs to start with size 3 crochet thread. I used Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Thread in the color black. To make sure that my stitches are as close to evenly spaced as possible, I used a silver fabric marker and mark off spaces every 1/4 inch. I turned the shirt inside out and marked dots all around just below the collar. I did not want to make it on the collar because I was concerned that the collar would start to fray as I started to poke holes in it.

Once that was completed, I took some Stitch Studio by Nicole Pound of Stitches yarn that I had left over in the color midnight (No. 240422-11) with a size G (4.00 mm) hook, which is 1 size smaller than recommended, and made an oval crocheting in the round using this method. I started the oval with 6 ch, which gave me 5 sc to start. I stopped crocheting the oval when it was about 8 inches long by 5 inches wide. Fasten off.

Originally,  I tried to attach the oval to the collar using slip stitches and a size D 3.25 mm hook. I switched to the smaller hook because the sharp crochet hook is a 3.00 mm hook. I wanted to use something between the sizes of hooks that I used previously.  That did not work so well. So I took out a needle and whip stitched the oval to the collar. After attaching the front, I realized that the collar of a men’s t-shirt is not exactly oval, the back is straighter. I did the best I could. It buckled a bit, which I did not mind because a pillow was going in the shirt.

Here is what the final project looked like with a close up of the crocheted swatch in the neck of the shirt.

I decide to leave the sleeve as they were. I could have cut them off and sewed the holes shut, but I am a lousy tailor. I also thought about stuffing the sleeves and then using the sharp crochet hook to crochet over the ends to seal the sleeves. I may do that in the future. I expect I am going to revisit this project in the future and perfect this design.




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