Thank You Babay Fay

I recently saw on the Moogly blog that Babay Fay was giving away a set of 5 crochet hat templates. I was intrigued by what these templates were. They are a set of plastic templates that are used as a guide for making hats of different sizes. After I entered the contest to win a set, I went to the Babay Fay Etsy site and bought a set.

I decided to get the full set – all 16 templates, which would serve as guides to make hats for premature babies weighing less than 2 lbs through to an XL hat for an adult. The full set cost £27. The product was being shipped from England and there was an additional £13.55 in shipping and handling. With taxes (and after the discount code from Moogly) it came out to almost £38 which was over $50 US. While that may seem high, Babay Fay is a small business and the postage to ship the package from England to me was £11.15 without the cost for the padded envelope or any cost for it to be sent registered mail- so I think it was a fair deal.

I ordered the item on July 15th, it shipped on July 20th. I was not home when my mail carrier tried to deliver it on July 24, so it had to sit at the post office until I could pick it up on July 29. In the package was a handwritten note from the owner of the company, the set of 16 templates, an instruction card/sizing list, and a wire cable to keep all the templates and the sizing card together (smart move). Also included was a simple sample pattern to try to get used to using the template. US and UK instructions were provided.

Using some Stitch Studio by Nicole yarn from their Storybook Lullaby line in the color Marlin Blue (no 2308), which I used previously for this project, I followed the US pattern to make a hat for a child turning 1 in November. I used the #9 template. With this yarn, I used a G hook (4mm). The initial circle, that makes the crown of the hat, reached 64 hdc before I reached the size of the circle of the template. To make sure you have crocheted a big enough circle, you put the tail in the hole in the template. When the edge of your circle lines up with the edge of the template, you can start making the body of the hat.

Here is a photo of the body of the hat. The paper clip was the marker I used so I knew where the center of the crown was.

The hat is a little plain, so i decided to make a flower. I used Lion Brand DIYarn in the color red (No. 113), which I used for this project. I reduced the hook size to an H hook (5 mm) instead of a J hook which the yarn suggests. I did not want the flower to be too big.

After doing some searching, I found these instructions to make a rose.  Here is how the rose turned out.


Putting the rose on the hat gave me this as the final project.


Postscript: So I made this hat for a child who is currently 9 months old thinking she could wear it in the fall. Well, it was a bit too small for her now. I think that I will either go one size up with children’s hats or add at least 1 more row.



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