An Attempt at a Backpack

I spent some of my vacation this summer at a house rented by some friends. I had a wonderful time. The couple who invited me have a young school-aged daughter. As an anticipatory thank-you gift (you know the kind of gift you give before the trip), I decided to make this adorable girl a back pack. I was advised that her favorite color is pink.

I found a really cute pattern at the website.  I bought pink cotton yarn: Premier Home in the colors of cotton candy (No 44-01), which is a variegated yarn in pinks and white, and rose pastel (No. 38-08). An i hook is recommended for these yarns, so that is what I used instead of the h hook the pattern suggested. I purchased 4 balls of the cotton candy yarn (I used 2 completely and part of a third) and 2 balls of the rose pastel (I did not completely use up one ball).

There were a few changes that I made while making this project. I did use the cotton candy yarn as my primary color and used the rose pastel for every 4th row. However, instead of fastening off at the end of each color, I carried the yarn through.  I joined the rose pastel (my color B) at the end of the 3rd row. As I made the 4th row in color B, I carried the cotton candy yarn (color A) and just crocheted over it. When I made the next row in color A, I carried color B back across so that it would be on the correct side when I needed it. I also tried to always bring it up a row by including the carried color as part of the very last yarn over of the last dc that ended each row. Also, instead of 28 rows, I made 29 so that I would end with color A.


I used color B to make the straps. I needed to make a chain of 170 stitches, instead of 150 to make sure it was long enough. I also added pink buttons where I secured the straps to the bottom of the bag. Here are the pictures of completed project (back and front):

It turns out that the bag was a bit too big for the recipient, although she is very tall for her age. Here is a photo of the bag in use as a means to carry her doll on her back.



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