Inspired by the colors

Long before Super Bowl LII was played, in January 2018, I was walking through AC Moore, knowing I had a gift card in my pocket and a 20% off coupon for on all sale and regular priced items on the app on my phone. I came across this super-bulky yarn from Stitch Studio by Nicole. It is part of their Chateau line in the color Chestnut (color BRP95908-25), which is a variegated polyester yarn in the colors of green, white, and gray – yes – in the colors of the Philadelphia Eagles. This is the same line of yarn I used for a project for my sister.

I used a plastic K hook and this pattern to make a continuance solid granny square throw.  I purchased 6 of them for $4 each. Each skein weighed 10.5 oz and was 258 yds of yarn.  I kept following the pattern until I thought had enough to do a simple border. I stopped when each side (between the triple crochets) was 66 dc in length. After slip stitching the last st, I chained one and then sl st all around. One sl st in each st and 2 sl st in each ch-2 space. Because I was not able to get completely around (I think I was short by about 4 inches), I pulled out the entire row of slip stitches and 1 entire row around of double crochets. So, once it was 64 dc across, I sl st to join, ch 1 and then sc all around putting 2 sc in each ch-2 space. I mention this to you because,if I were better at keeping my stitches uniform, I think I might have made it around with the sl st.

Anyway, the final piece was about 53 inches x 57 inches – remember I am not always consistent with my stitch size so it did not turn out as a square. Here are some photos of the final work. They show almost the entire throw spread out, a close up of the design, and a close up of the edging.


As always, your comments are welcome and appreciated.


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